Skunk Aid was created by a group of Illinois high school students to help dogs that have been sprayed by a skunk.

Growing up my dog was sprayed by a skunk a couple of times.

That was never fun.

Once I figured out the skunk was out of our yard and it was safe to come out, I had to catch my dog who was all fired up after the confrontation.

I would then have to lock my pet in the garage and away from everybody and everything. If she got in contact with anything, the stink would catch on there too.

I actually went to high school smelling like a skunk after one of the incidents.

The only way to get the smell off my dog was to give her a bath in tomato juice which was very difficult.

Now, there is a better way thanks to some students from Buffalo Grove High School.

According to,

"As sophomores, Jackie Molloy, Nicole Relias, and Shayna Reznikov developed the idea of an all-natural, de-skunking kit for dogs."

"They came up with their idea after Relias' dog, Bella, a golden doodle, had been skunked four times."

The group worked on it during an entrepreneur program at their school.

The product is called Skunk Aid and they came up with the all-in-one kit, packaging, and marketing.

It's done quite well. Now it's available in a few local stores and on the internet including Amazon. They have sold over 400 kits so far.

For more info on Skunk Aid, check out HERE.

Congrats to the young business owners.


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