If you would like to avoid getting bitten by a dog, a city in Illinois has some advice for you.

I grew up with dogs. When I was younger, I wasn't afraid of any canines until I was bitten by one.

It was the summer after 4th grade. I went to hang out at a friend's house. He had a dog that they normally kept away from visitors. We went to go play in the backyard. We didn't realize his pet was out there. It walked up to me and took a chunk out of my behind. That really hurt. I've been very careful around dogs ever since then.

Recently, Bloomington, Illinois had a post on their Facebook page about preventing dog bites. Here are their suggestions.

  • "Ask First: When meeting an unfamiliar dog, Don't reach out to pet them. Ask the pet parent first. May I pet your dog?"
  • "Get Permission: With permission, let the dog sniff your closed hand. Then pet its shoulders or chest."
  • "Don't Touch: Don't touch a dog who is sleeping, eating, or chewing a toy."
  • "Stay Away: Stay away from a dog who is barking or growling, as well as one who is loose, behind a fence, or tied up."

For more great info, go HERE.


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