2022 is your year, right? Your year to kill it at work, have great communication skills in every relationship and eat the most delicious foods ever. We found a food for you. 

One of the best reminders I got at the end of 2021 was to think about everything you choose to eat.

But not to necessarily think about the calories or nutrition count... but to think about if it's delicious! Actually the term was 'awesome.'

The awesome test is pretty easy to decipher. If it's not awesome, don't eat it.

But if it IS awesome - eat it! Eat a lot of it!

Which brings me to the food that made me stop in my tracks on social media today.

I mean, come on, hello, I need this!

I know. You need that too.

It's S'mores Bread Pudding, and it looks like I need it.

It's funny because the caption suggests perhaps that this isn't the most beautiful and delicious thing I've ever seen, joking to come try it to 'try to make Chef Pete feel good about his attempt.'

Attempt! Those toasted marshmallows don't look like an attempt.

If this is just an attempt, I totally need to see what the next 'attempt' looks like!

Maybe you don't love sweets, that's fine... I don't know how that's even possible... but if you don't, then you know they always have burgers, of course.


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