Stop what you're doing. Take a deep breath and then dive into this incredible banana cheesecake.

I'm serious, it looks big enough to dive into!

Before working in Rockford I was a dessert first kind of girl. I didn't really care about actual dinners or lunches, just toss be the dessert menu please.

Then I learned to love the entire menu when Sweet Lenny and I started Ate One Five. Since day one of ATE, which was about four years ago this month, I realized how amazing the food in Rockford is. We are so gosh darn lucky to have a ton of delicious local restaurants within miles of each other.

Rockford Region Restaurant Week is proving this all over again and also getting me back to my dessert roots.

Scrolling through social media yesterday, I was FLOORED when I saw this photo from a newer Rockford restaurant, Ernie's Midtown Pub.

Have you ever seen a dessert with banana bread as the crust? How has this never been done before?

I'm not even a huge cheesecake lover but thinking about how perfect the combo of banana bread and cream cheese frosting is, I know this would be the way I would become a cheesecake person.

Ernie's is also showing off their Italian beef nachos on social to celebrate restaurant week. I think we might need to get over there!

Have you had any awesome new food this week in Rockford? Let me know!

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