Let's be honest, ice cream and other cool treats are much loved. It is perfectly acceptable to enjoy a cup of ice cream, a waffle cone, shake, blizzard, icee, slushy, dippin' dots, popsicle, snow cone, or whatever it is you fancy. It is also the law to enjoy these during the summer months, or at least it should be.

When it comes to finding a spot to satisfy that craving for something cold and sweet, there are a variety of options in and around Rockford. You might be surprised how many different places there are in Northern Illinois. (Yes, Wisconsin has good ice cream too, but let's just focus on Illinois.)


If your summer cooldown jam includes margaritas you are in luck, here's a list of some of the best places around to quench that thirst.


This list of spots includes mainly locally owned and operated businesses in Rockford, Rockton, Freeport, Dixon, McHenry, South Beloit, Belvidere, Loves Park, just to name a few. And, because someone will spot a "non-local" joint andthink about calling me out for including them on this list... they were highlighted because a few were mentioned in the comments oon this Facebook post. So, to spare some folks their time, I do know the non-local spots are chains. (In defense, just because they are part of a chain doesn't change the taste of the creamy deliciousness.)

Grab the family, grabs some napkins, try some (or all) of these places, and thank me later.

25 Rockford(ish) Spots For Cool Sweet Treats When It's Stupid Hot Outside

Here are some of the best places for ice cream and other cool sweet treats in and around Rockford.

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