No not that kitty...

Ladies and gentlemen, making a first impression is very important. If you are meeting someone's parents, be polite. If you are introduced to a city official, or someone involved in law enforcement, shake hands and look them in the eye. If you are going to a friend's court hearing DO NOT wear a t-shirt that reads:


This is what Jennifer LaPenta did in an Illinois courtroom, and it didn't end well for her. Jennifer was there supporting a friend, that's a good move. Wearing that shirt and having it noticed by a judge, bad move.

Judge Helen Rozenberg cited Jennifer LaPenta for contempt of court, and without hesitation sentenced her to 48 hours of jail time...Oh, and she was removed from the courtroom in handcuffs. Ouch! Who makes the rules now, lady?

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Jennifer LaPenta was said to have considered legal action against the judge after her embarrassing courtroom moment but nothing else has come about from this. She obviously can't dress herself for a friend's court appearance, what do you think she would wear for her OWN COURT APPEARANCE.


Yes, the judge "has the gavel, so she makes the rules." In the court order, Judge Rozenberg stated that Jennifer "displayed herself in the front row and offered no excuse for her apparel." She coulda said it was laundry day, or that her "I heart serial killers" t-shirt was in the wash?

Well, congrats Jennifer LaPenta, you made me laugh and made my job easier today...I get to poke fun at a moron. "I have the blog, so I make the rules." LOL

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