Don't worry you're not the only one, if you're day drinking while working from home.

With the current situation, many people are working from home. It definitely has it's advantages. You don't to get up to shower or get dressed up. Your dog can lay at your feet. The kitchen is a few feet away. Oh, you can also day drink.

No one is watching you. As long as you're getting the work done, who cares? Well, that might not be the best decision. If you've done it, don't feel too guilty. Quite a few have been partaking.

According to,

"A new survey shows the percentage of people in each state who admit to drinking while working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. 3,000 employees working from home across the U.S. were questioned to find out how many are using their new office setup as an excuse to drink. Beer is the most commonly consumed alcoholic beverage while working from home." 

"With many Americans now working from home during self-isolation, everyday habits have drastically changed in order to accommodate our new daily routines. For some, this may mean waking up a few minutes later as there is no school or morning commute to worry about, but others are using this newfound freedom as reason to have an alcoholic drink during their workday."

"Broken down by state, the survey revealed that residents of Hawaii (67%) are the most likely to drink at home during working hours, while Arkansans are the least likely at 8%. In Illinois, 23% of respondents admitted to drinking while working from home."

I suggest not getting into that habit. Save it for later.

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