Winter camping is now available in Wisconsin if you are brave enough.

My Experience With Camping

To be fully honest with you, I am not much of an outdoors-type person. Growing up my family did not do any camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, or any other similar activity. My parents much preferred staying in hotels in big cities with lots of attractions.


By the way, my idea of camping is sleeping in a tent on the ground. I do not consider cabins or RVs real camping.


Personally, I have only been camping a couple of times. The first experience was in Cub Scouts. I was not a big fan, so I quit soon after and found different afterschool clubs. Camping was fun in college but that was more like getting drunk by a campfire and then passing out.


Wisconsin Residents Love The Outdoors

I do not mean this as a cutdown, it is a sign of respect. The residents of Wisconsin are a different breed. They can handle a lot more than your average American. Of course, they love the Packers, beer, and the outdoors, together or separately. The winter weather is brutal and they can easily handle it. Days, weeks, and months of snow, ice, wind, and cold. It is all good to them. They just suck it up and move on.

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Winter Camping Available In Wisconsin

For me, camping in the wintertime is just plain crazy. In Wisconsin, it is no big deal because they go to Green Bay Packers games in the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. Winter camping is now available in Wisconsin.


According to,

"Campers can make reservations on the DNR’s website, or by calling 1-888-WIPARK."


"The DNR said that not all campgrounds are plowed in the winter, so look for a message when booking a campsite."


"Same-day reservations are available, and can even be made when upon arrival at the campsite."

For more info, HERE.

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