The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has put a Rockford venue on the National Register of Historic Places.

The longer I live in Rockford, the more I learn about the history of the city. I really enjoy finding out new information about our community. Of course, we have well know places like Anderson Japanese Gardens and the Discovery Center. There are also many places that fly under the radar.

Have you ever heard of the Rockford's Women's Club? If not, you've probably driven by it many times. It's located near the Coronado Performing Arts Center at Church Street and Park Avenue. Like a lot of buildings in downtown Rockford, it has remarkable architecture so it fits right in with everything else. You probably wouldn't even notice it unless you were specifically looking for it.

I lived in Rockford for several years before I had any knowledge of it. My first experience was a company Christmas party over twenty years ago. I thought it was a neat place. I didn't even realize there was a theater located right inside the building.

I first found about the theater when I attended a Pink Floyd Laser Light show there. It was an awesome place to see a show. Since then, I have been to a couple of comedy shows and concerts there too. I really wish more events like that would be held at the venue. It truly is a hidden gem.

The Rockford Women's Club recently receive some exciting news.

According to,

"The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) announced 12 Illinois sites were added to the National Register of Historic Places during 2020, including one in Rockford! The Rockford Woman's Club was added to the registry! The building, consisting of a clubhouse, restaurant, and theatre, has functioned as an ideal location for the organization's work and has served as a community anchor in the areas of education, entertainment, recreation, and social reform."

Just another reason to be proud of our community.

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