If your car is going to hit a deer, here's what you should do.

It's something every car owner in the Midwest fears. Hitting a deer with a vehicle.

You have to be extra careful in the fall, especially when the sun is rising or setting.

If you're driving in an area known for deer, make sure to drive defensively. Remember, there's usually not just one.

The "Illinois Department of Natural Resources" has started a new campaign to help educate about the deer.

From the IDNR Facebook page...

"Don't Veer for The Deer" is a joint campaign with IDNR and the Illinois Department of Transportation. We are warning drivers to be vigilant during deer mating season. Instinct tells you to serve away from the deer. In doing so the driver may lose control of the car or cause a more severe crash."

Basically, they are saying when a deer runs in front of your car it's more dangerous to try avoiding it then actually hitting the animal.

Here's a video they released...

Video: Don't Veer For The Deer!

Be safe.


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