Never seen before in Illinois before, human Sculptures this big.

Playing Tourist On The Weekends

There are a couple of things I enjoy doing on the weekends. The funny part is they are complete opposite activities.

First of all, I love sleeping in and getting some much-needed rest. That includes time on the couch watching TV.

The other thing you can find me partaking in is playing tourist. I am a big fan of going out and checking out attractions. Especially, if I have never experienced it before.

Sometimes I will go visit my mother. That is usually when I do the tourist thing. She always wants to go somewhere or do something.

I am not much of a hiker, outdoor person, or art fan but she seems to enjoy those activities. I can usually get all those things together at The Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois. It is really close to her house and just a short drive from Rockford.

This past weekend we made plans to check it out for the first time this summer. They have a new art exhibit called "Human+Nature." It was pretty darn cool.

They feature five giant sculptures of humans. I took some pictures to share with you.

Amazing Giant Human+Nature Sculptures At Morton Arboretum

Amazing Giant Human+Nature Sculptures At Morton Arboretum

The Human+Nature Sculpture Exhibit At Morton Arboretum

According to,

"Internationally renowned artist Daniel Popper created five 15- to 26-foot-tall sculptures exclusively for the Arboretum featured in various locations across its 1,700 acres, leading guests to areas they may not have explored before. It is his largest exhibition to date anywhere in the world."

Video: Inside the Human + Nature Exhibition

"Made of concrete, fiberglass, and steel, each sculpture weighs several metric tons.  It is his largest exhibition to date anywhere in the world."

I recommend going to see it for yourself. It is a great event for the whole family.

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