It sucks getting sick, so here are some ways to help prevent getting the flu this winter.

As we approach the cold and flu season, there is one thing I can expect. I'm going to catch a cold and come down with the flu.

I know how it works. Someone in my family or at work gets it. Then a couple of weeks later, it's my turn. I'm not a fan.

It never hurts to do some preventative things to try and avoid getting it this year.

"How To Flu-Proof Every Spot In Your Home."

  • Get a flu vaccine each season.
  • Pay attention to where germs can be passed around.
  • Target these hot spots. 
    • Remote Control 
    • Doorknobs
    • Light switches
    • Faucets
    • Refridgerator
    • Phone
    • Dishes
    • Tables and desks
    • Dishrags, sponges, and towels

"Good hand washing habits, avoiding those who are sick, and paying attention to germ-laden spots can help keep you and your family stay healthy this flu season."

Do you have any special tricks for staying healthy?

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