I am currently on my third week of being sick. From the Flu to a cold, I cannot catch a break. But I did notice I'm not alone. It turns out Illinois is the sickest state in the country, with almost one in 10 residents experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Journal Star details -

To be precise, 9.14 percent of Illinoisans have flu-like symptoms. Next in line are fellow Midwestern states Michigan and Wisconsin, with respective rates of 8.9 percent and 8.87 percent. All over, people are sicker than usual, according to Kinsa. Nationally, the rate is 6.69 percent, compared to 3.86 percent this time last year and 4.34 percent for a typical season.

Just check out how we compare to the rest of the country -
Credit PJstar
Credit PJstar

According to Journal Star -

This map shows the percentage of residents nationally with flu-like symptoms.

So if you're sick stay home, and if you're healthy, try and stay that way. But at least if you're sick you know you're not alone.

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