Just when you thought it was safe to shake hands again, the flu could be making its way back to the state line area.

Luckily, when I got sick over the winter it only lasted a couple of days.

I had friends and family that it stuck with them for weeks.

Plus, it hit lots of people at the same time. I remember a couple of schools in the Chicago suburbs closed for a couple of days because there were so many kids out sick.

As the weather is getting better, I usually think of the flu season being over.

Well, according to time.com

"The Center For Disease Control warns that a second wave of flu may be on its way." 

This year flu season peaked in February and activity levels have dropped for the first strand.

Now, a second virus is making its way around.

Even if you already had the flu this year, there is a chance you could catch it again because it's a different type.

The good news is this wave responds better to vaccines.

So, don't start touching doorknobs at work yet.


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