I've been out sick a couple days, today my coworkers are treating me like I'm the Outbreak Monkey.

Young man allergy sneeze

I am feeling way better today, thanks for asking. But obviously my coworkers feel differently.

  •   Lori sits at a safe distance and talks to me.
  •   My Boss waved hello from a good 10 feet away in a completely different room.
  •   One person stood outside my office door and talked to me. If I moved ever so slightly in my chair, she'd flinch.

I want no one to get what I had going on, it was not fun but come on!

  1.   According to Huffington Post Here are 8 Ways Coworkers are Getting you Sick
  2. They Skip Flu Shots
  3. They Don’t Wash Their Hands
  4. They Show Up To Work When They’re Ill (oops)
  5. They Use the Office Gym
  6. They Construct Desk Tissue Pyramids
  7. They Borrow Your Keyboards, Phones, Pens Or Other Equipment
  8. They Drink From the Water Fountain When They’re Sick
  9. They Cough in the Kitchen

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