The Return Of Fall In Wisconsin Means Halloween Is Coming Soon

The calendar says it's now finally officially fall. Our weather has started to change too. That means Halloween is just around the corner. Don't worry if you need some help getting into the holiday spirit because there are plenty of events to get you there. Leading the way are some scary haunts.

One Of The Longest & Scariest Haunts Is Wisconsin

According to, 

Milwaukee’s most frightening outdoor haunted house experience, The Hill Has Eyes, features four terrifying attractions.


It is set on an incredible 45 acres, and this year’s 60 minutes of sheer terror will eliminate all indoor structures, confronting attendees with thrills, chills, and ghastly apparitions.

According to,

The Hills Has Eyes is located on 45 acres at The Rock Sports Complex in Franklin, Wisconsin. The outdoor haunt features four experiences: Failed Escape, Hunger Hallow, Carnivore, And Dead End. Your ticket includes all of them. That adventure will take an hour.

Haunted Halloween Fun For Kids Too

For the kids that aren't quite ready for the haunted Halloween experience, they also host non-scary activities during the day on Sundays in October.

For more info, HERE.

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