The clock is ticking.

In case you hadn't heard, Christmas is creeping up quicker than the time it takes Santa to sneak down your chimney, eat a cookie, wash it down with a glass of milk and hightail it back to Dasher and Prancer to continue his route.

Whether you're on the hunt for an impossibly hard-to-find yet coveted Hatchimal, an ugly Christmas sweater or a car because you've been unduly influenced by Lexus' annoying December to Remember commercials, time is running out to buy Christmas presents.

And whether you're shopping while lonely or filling your cart while hustling through the mall with your four kids tethered to your legs as they scream they want to see Santa and then get a hot Auntie Anne's pretzel, you've got to wrap up the gift-buying before you wrap up the gifts themselves.

So, tell us if you are all done. And, if you're not, do yourself a favor: answer the question and finish up. You don't want to be the one in your family who waited so long that the pickings become so slim you're forced to choose between a travel size tube of Aquafresh and a pack of Altoids.

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