If you live in DeKalb and your package you ordered for a Christmas gift never showed up, it may be in someone else's hands.

Busiest Holiday Delivery Day
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WREX-TV has a story about DeKalb residents reporting that their packages have been stolen from their front porch.

DeKalb police have noted that the east side of DeKalb has been hit the hardest. Thieves are coming on the property and just taking whatever is sitting on steps, porches or any other place the mail carriers or UPS drops off packages

Even though this is being reported in DeKalb, this could happen anywhere. :Here are some tips to keep that Christmas gift safe and in your possession:

1. Make sure you are home when the packages arrive. That way, they won't be out in the open for anyone to take.

2. If you can't be home, have the packages delivered to your place of work, a neighbors house or a trusted friend.

3. Make sure the place where you ordered from has a tracking system so you can follow where it is.

4. There is new technology where you can be alerted by phone when your package is arriving or has arrived.

5. If your package is to be delivered at night, make sure you have a porch light on at all times.

It is sad that we have to talk about things like this during the holidays. But, there has to be someone to ruin it. If you have any info on who is behind the package thefts in DeKalb, call Crime Stoppers at 815-895-3272 or the DeKalb police department. Also, report any suspicious activity to your local police department.

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