Journey is going into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017, and that's where it ends.

Photo - Ultimate Classic Rock

The success of Journey from album sales, sold out concerts, and hit songs, have taken them to the promise land. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2017 includes a band that tells us to "Don't Stop Believing" even though they went their "Separate Ways".

Journey has been without lead singer Steve Perry since 1998, that's a long freakin' time. Now that the band is going into the HOF,  this will usher in a reunion right? Don't count on it.

Here are the two statements after the HOF Class of 2017 was announced, First Journey guitarist Neal Schon:

Musically speaking, I’d love to have him do a song with us – or two, or whatever. … I’m open to everything. I’m very open-minded to whatever happens, and any ideas that are brought forth.

Now former Journey front man Steve Perry:

I am truly grateful that Journey is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

There is your reunion answer folks. Unless Journey is pulling some massive swerve on all of us, this isn't happening. For those of you that think this is a possibility, here are 5 Things
That Will Happen in Rockford Before a Journey Reunion:
  • Two White Castles on East State Street
  • The Symbol would get a fresh coat of florescent green paint
  • The Icehogs win 5 straight championships
  • Puka Shell Necklaces become part of the city wide uniforms
  • Rick Nielsen gets deported