You have heard of and seen a "Dust Devil" before, right? High winds start swirling in a field, on a ball diamond, wherever...That little "mini-tornado" can be quite the eye opener. They last for a few seconds, and then gone. But what about a "Hay Devil?" have you ever witnessed this type of evil in Illinois?

Inside Edition - YouTube
Inside Edition - YouTube

A "Hay Devil" is another form of a small twister, that pretty much grabs everything in sight and takes it wherever it wants. Check out this video of a "Hay Devil" that was shot in Lafayette, Louisiana. This was filmed near a local restaurant and it apparently has a mind of its own:


Dude, that's insane! This is a "Hay Devil" not to be confused with a "Dust Devil" which, I think is the same thing? Maybe just a fancier name with 22% more evil?

Here's a video of a "Dust Devil" from Libertyville, Illinois. This was shot at a kid's Little League game a few years ago. Imagine being on this field as Satan has his way with you...I think The Devil is more of a Lacrosse fan, that might have something to do with this:

Here's the Weather Channel trying to explain a Dust Devil, which also includes a kid getting lifted off the ground about 20 feet into the air by this Dust Devil:




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