There has been a lot of UFO talk lately, but not much Bigfoot talk...What the heck people? Do you think that when there's UFO sightings, that the big hairy guy just disappears? Oh no my friends, he's just hiding out 2 hours from Rockford in a ditch. BFRO

Bigfoot Outdoors
Chris Rogers

So here's the deal...Back in Jan, a Bigfoot was spotted by several people in Custer Park, Illinois. Custer Park is right around 2 hours from Rockford, in Will County, Illinois.

So here's the "story."

Grandkids spotted what they saw as a bigfoot in a ditch along a treeline in rural Custer Park Illinois on January 21st or 22nd. It stood watching them , when they looked away it moved a little ways and stopped when they looked back at it. They got pictures of it and found foot prints. One of the pictures looks like a bear. We don't have bears in this area. - BFRO


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There's more to this story. Apparently an EMT in the area, did some research on this Bigfoot sighting. What he reports, is quite interesting:

An upright and dark (black) bipedal figure has been seen 3 times on this property (farm field each sighting) since 2015 (all sightings have been by the grandkids who are still minors). In the late summer/early fall of 2015, the grandmother stated she saw a half face of an upright figure (it was a brief glimpse) in a window of her house. Also, she told of the house being hit by something at times, but never finding what hit or see what did it. - BFRO


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