Growing up in the 1970's meant growing up with great TV. There was 'All in the Family', 'MASH', 'Mary Hartman Mary Hartman', 'Cell Block H' and the best was saved for Saturday nights. Late night you had 'Saturday Night Live', but earlier in the evening it was the one-two punch of 'Love Boat' and 'Fantasy Island' that made life worth living.

One of TV's most endearing characters is Tattoo, played by Herve Villechaize. Besides being the faithful and whimsical assistant to Ricardo Montalban's Mr. Roarke character. Television has spawned many great catchphrases over the years such as, 'Bang, zoom to the moon Alice', 'Whatcha talkin' about Willis' and 'I AM the danger.' However, the only one worth remembering are these four words, 'da plane, da plane!' Today would've been Herve's 71st birthday. It's a big deal around my house

I ask my co-workers how they celebrate the life of such a big little man. Please forgive the 'hobo-chic' hairstyle of your interviewer.

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