Sometimes we need a hero, and now seems like a good time.

Back in July of 2020, Spiderman was spotted in Rockford on a motorcycle. I know Batman has the "Bat Signal" but how do we call out Spiderman to return?

With the COVID crap sliding backwards and Illinois going back to masks...questionable political happenings (what else is new) and a society that buts more trust and faith in someone's Facebook post instead of reality...Rockford and the rest of the work could use web slinging hero to save the day.

Why was Spidey here last July anyway?


  • There's a kids party in town
  • Laundry day
  • He does whatever a spider can...and likes motorcycles.
  • Covid Comic Con?
  • Newest member of RPD

Those were my guesses July of 2020, all of them remain good options.

This pic was taken on State and Perryville by Sherry and Dale Echelbarger. It sure does look like Spiderman ROCKS:

Captain Jack
Captain Jack

Good on this dude for bringing smiles to passing motorists, and for basically being a freak in broad daylight. It takes "individuals" like this to break you out of a slump, get you out of a bad mood, or just make you chuckle.

But Spiderman is missing. We need to find him and have another sighting or two. If anyone knows how to reach out to him, contact him, OR if you happen to see him...take a picture and send it to 96.7 The Eagle.

Rockford misses you Spidey, see you soon!

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