Here are five fun facts about the World's Largest Music Festival held is Wisconsin.

It Is Time For Summerfest In Milwaukee

Attending Summerfest in Milwaukee has become a tradition for my friends and I. We go up there at least one time every year to enjoy the delicious food and mind blowing live music.

This year is no exception. The line-up is incredible. Check it out, HERE.

It is really cool that this incredible event is just a short drive from Rockford.

The organizers of the fest are not bashful when talking about the size of the party.

According to,

"Summerfest in the US state of Wisconsin, established in 1968, was named by Guinness World Records as the "world's largest music festival" in 1999."

Video: 2021 Summerfest lineup announced

Here Are 5 Fun Facts You Did Not Know About Summerfest In Milwaukee

Fun Fact About Summerfest Number 1

According to,

The event actually started before the legendary Woodstock Festival.

"Jumping into the festival circuit one year prior to Woodstock in 1968."

Video: WOODSTOCK: THREE DAYS THAT DEFINED A GENERATION (2019) | Official Trailer | PBS Distribution Fun Fact About Summerfest Number 2

How did the festival end up in its current location?

According to,

"Before Summerfest, though, the lakefront was home to an airport as well as an Army installation."

The Army closed the base to save money. The city purchased the land. Immediately, the Summerfest organizers worked out a deal with them to use the property. It has been there ever since.

Fun Fact About Summerfest Number 3

The answer is that they are from a real tune. It is the chorus from "Smiles' written by Lee S. Roberts in 1917. Many artists have cover it through the years.

Video: Smiles (1917)

Fun Fact About Summerfest Number 4

Summerfest is not just about music and food. There is great shopping too.

You can visit over 100 local vendors throughtout the summerfest grounds selling all kinds of different merchandise and products.

This year, you can even purchase items through the internet. For more info, HERE.

Video: Summerfest excitement builds before Thursday opening | FOX6 News Milwaukee

Fun Fact About Summerfest Number 5

You can party like a Rockstar.

Whenever possible, if I am attending a big festival I like to secure some sort of VIP section. That way I can get away from the unwashed masses.

Summerfest has one you might want to check out. It includes...

  • Level Up Deck
  • Admission to Summerfest
  • 2 beverages
  • Private bar
  • Seating
  • TV’s
  • Wi-Fi
  • Restrooms

I hope you enjoy these little fun facts about Summerfest in Milwaukee.

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