Weathermen can be wrong, it's a tough business. Apparently sending out text alerts about tornadoes being spotted in our area, is super tough too. I actually had one guy cry and whine about where the alert came from, as if that makes a fake tornado spotting seem o.k.. The NWS, your mom, the Easter Bunny, who gives a crap where the text alert came from...we all got it, and it was b.s. Thanks for being a keyboard warrior though, you're the coolest.

So let's move past what happened or didn't happen last week with the fake tornado spotting, and talk weatherman farts. This is a topic that we can all agree on it pretty funny.

The best part of this video is the fact that the weatherman kinda plays it it didn't happen. Everbody toots, sir. It happens. People toot in different ways and different styles, this guy just did it over the a hot mic. A hot and stinky mic, check this out:

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If you are having a bad day, or if you know someone at work that them this video. It's funny, farts are funny.

Also, if you are going to jump onto our Facebook and try to sound "smart," instead of being a this video and chill out. Maybe get a hobby that doesn't include trolling Facebook pages...Throw a ball around, go for a walk, fart on film...Something.


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