Now you can have your cake and eat it too! Try this recipe for tasty Rum Chata cake balls.

I may be the only person on the planet who is upset about National Dessert Day. Why in the world would I start a wedding diet on National Dessert Day! Oh well, maybe I can have just one tasty treat? NO LORI YOU CAN'T! Ugh... fine.

But if you will be celebrating National Dessert Day you might as well have a dessert that will get you a little buzzed too. I've used this recipe countless numbers of times, and they are by far the most requested dessert I have ever made. I originally found this on Pinterest thanks to the Saints & Scissors blog.

Lori, Townsquare Media

Here is what you need:

  • Bottle of Rum Chata (I suggest the big bottle that way you can drink some while you make your treats.)
  • Box of Yellow Cake Mix (You can use the box of white cake mix too. Tastes just as good.)
  • 16 oz. of Cream Cheese (room temperature)
  • Butter (room temperature)
  • White Chocolate Chips
  • Powdered Sugar

This is so easy! Trust me!
First whip together 4 oz. of cream cheese with 2 Tbsps. of butter with an electric mixer or a stand mixer.
While you are doing that, in a microwave safe bowl melt 8 oz. of white chocolate chips until smooth. Be careful not to burn it!
Slowly add the melted chocolate chips into the cream cheese mixture until completely blended.
Next, and this is the fun part, add 1/4 cup of Rum Chata in and blend well.
Finally, take 1/2 cup of cake mix and sift it well. You don't want little powder pieces in your cake balls. Then slowly add it to the rest of the ingredients mixing very well.
Now stick this stuff in the fridge for about 2 - 3 hours or even over night.
Once this stuff is nice and firm you can scoop it into little balls. Roll this stuff out into balls and toss it in a little bowl filled with powdered sugar.
Stick these puppies back in the fridge and have another glass of Rum Chata. Wait 30 minutes.
Once they are firm again, melt the other half of the chocolate chips into a bowl. Roll the balls in chocolate and place them on wax paper on a cookie sheet. In less then a few moments, you will have delicious Rum Chata cake balls!