I am craving cake, sweets, frosting, something extremely yummy and bad for me.

Chocolate Cake, new shots of same available

One week from this Saturday I will step on stage for my next NPC Bodybuilding show.

Being this close after months of hard work and clean eating can totally play mind tricks on you. Now don't get me wrong I love eating healthy and clean, but what I wouldn't give for some cake.

The last time I had any sort of sweets was some point in January. Usually bodybuilders will allow themselves what's called a "cheat meal". I have had a few, but I usually stay away from the sweets and go right for some pizza.

Once this is all over on the 22nd, it's time to indulge. I have some plans for that Sunday that should put me into a sugar coma of some sort. (Thank you Chef Sylvia Waldsmith)

I honestly plan on visiting all of these places once I'm done next weekend, and making my abs disappear like a cruel magic trick.

According to Yelp here are the Top Ten Places for Cake in Rockford.

  • Cookies by Design
  • Banana Cherry Bakery
  • Sugarjones
  • Kate’s Pie Shop Cafe & Records
  • Bella Luna Bakery
  • Mary’s Market
  • Great Harvest Bread Co
  • Cake Creations
  • Yolo’s Sweets
  • By the Dozen Bakery


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