August 15th 2017, "Happy 815 Day" everyone.


This is a day to celebrate all of the positives and your pride in the city of Rockford. I took the long way to work and stopped off at Sinnissippi Park to soak it all in. I took a nice walk along the Rock River in my slip on black and white checkered Vans. I hung out by The Symbol and just enjoyed all the sights and sounds. It's easy to outsiders and even bitter residents to take shots at a city of this size and the issues that it has. But as good friend told me yesterday about people that like to hear themselves speak, "The weakest are always the loudest chatterboxes".

So let's look at the positives, celebrate this city, and buy a kick ass t-shirt on "815 Day"!

Here are a few different Rockford shops that are selling limited edition Rockford 815 Day T-Shirts:

  • Bygone Brand - 3600 E State St Rockford
  • Yackle Tees & Custom Apparel - 1706 Rural St Rockford
  • Culture Shop - 2239 Charles St Rockford
  • Rockford Art Deli - 402 E State St Rockford

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