The most incredible thing you will see all day.

Who doesn't love swinging on a swing? I enjoy watching my niece swing at the park. She always asks if I can give her an extra push so she can go really high in the sky. She never jumps off the swing, thankfully. I think Aunt Lori would be scared half to death that she would hurt herself.

I remember when I was young and would swing and swing at the park. I wondered what would happen if I went so high in the sky that I would actually do a 360 degree flip around the top bar. It never happened.

I jumped off a swing a handful of times, until I landed on my ankle funny and realized that it was very dangerous. No more jumping off the swings for me.

This guy on the other hand is such a daredevil. Not only does he jump off of a swing, but he jumps so high that he travels directly over a house! WOW! You have got to see this to believe it.