Double T from 96.7 The Eagle talks to guitar legend, Gary Hoey, about his favorite Christmas classics.

If you're not familiar with Gary Hoey, I suggest checking him out. The guy can shred.

He got his big break by auditioning for Ozzy. Unfortunately, he lost out on the gig to Zakk Wylde but the "Prince of Darkness" encourage him to stick around L.A. and give his music career a shot.

He took that advice and it paid off. He released a solo instrumental album featuring covers like "Hocus Pocus" and "Low Rider."

Then he got a request from his mother. She wanted him to make a Christmas album. Luckily, he listened to her. Of course, he had to make it in his style. Hoey rocked out some classic carols and the fans loved it.

Now "Ho Ho Hoey" is part of Christmas tradition for rock fans like myself.

Check out his YouTube channel HERE, if you've never heard his stuff.

Every year, Gary and I chat about the holidays and music. Please check out the interview.

Video: Gary Hoey Talks Christmas Songs

He does a great show and you can check him out this Friday just outside of Chicago at Evanston Rocks.

I always look forward to a little Gary Hoey this time of year.

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