Last week we told you about Guerilla Graffix incredible t-shirt sale, with the local company going out of business. Man did I score some awesome shirts!

T-shirts for two bucks, long sleeve shirts for three bucks and hoodies for five bucks...and the drown goes wild! By crowd, I mean you. After posting the info about last weeks t-shirt sale at Guerilla Graffix, the place was packed all week....So guess what they are doing this week? The sale, again with some extra stuff.

This week you can go to Guerilla Graffix at 1902 Broadway and get the same shirt deals, two bucks for t-shirts, three bucks for long sleeves and five bucks for hoodies. It runs 8am - 4pm and they take cash only. Wear a mask and bring your money.

For this second week they will have hangers and boxes available, so if you know anyone moving this is perfect for them. Boxes are a quarter each, and a box of 100 hangers will cost you just $10.00. You're going to have to hang up all those new t-shirts anyway.

Guerilla Graffix of Rockford is going out of business and they are getting rid of everything, so swing by and check out the shirt selection. I grabbed a few last week including some 3/4 length baseball sleeve t-shirts that are awesome!

G.G. has supplied the world with NFL, NBA, MLB, championship t-shirts for decades...printed right here in Rockford. It's sad to see them go, but cool that they are doing this sale.


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