If you have ever attended a race at The Rockford Speedway, you probably have seen or heard Jimmy A.

The outpouring of race fans offering their condolences, have flooded social media the past couple days. Jimmy was a guy that loved life and always had a handshake and a hello for you. I did a few "celebrity" races and attended a handful of races over the years, and he was always just a very friendly guy.

From the Facebook page of Susan Deery:

We lost a great friend and a part of the Rockford Speedway family today. "Jimmy A" was a devoted & loyal employee, an ambassador, a historian, a friend to all. It's hard to grasp how huge the void he will leave with his passing - not just at the track, but also in our hearts. Carole and Jim Jr. & your family...I am so very sorry.
Jimmy A. truly was an ambassador for The Rockford Speedway. "Coach," "Jimmy A," "Mr. Ambruoso," befriended all...Whether you were a fan in the stands, a racer that visited The Rockford Speedway once a year, the guy serving beer or even someone pulling into the speedway parking lot lost, and looking for directions...Jimmy has a calm and inviting way of greeting you. Jimmy A. was simply put, a great human.
The Rockford Speedway put together a great video tribute for Jimmy A. Just sit back and listen to him speak. If you never met Jimmy, after you watch this video you will feel like you've known him forever.

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