Remember the Wisconsin lady that got high, killed her boyfriend and kept his head and testicles in a bucket? How could you forget??? Well, the Green Bay, Wi crazy lady had her day in court...and she ATTACKED HER ATTORNEY! MyStateline 


Let's flashback to a story I did back in September of 2022.  A Green Bay Wisconsin woman named Taylor Denise Schabusiness, dismembered a guy. The two got really high, and Denise killed her boyfriend and kept his head and other "parts" in a bucket. How can you forget her!

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After using meth, killing her boyfriend and cutting him up...Cops arrived to this bizarre drug fueled murder scene. Taylor still all hopped up on goofballs, was asked by police what in the hell happened?? Her quote, classic:

That's a good question - Taylor Denise Schabusiness NYPOST

Well here's our part two...She finally had her day in court and it didn't go well. After killing and decapitating her boyfriend, she goes to court and attacks her attorney! Check this out!!!

Well that didn't go well. That poor attorney, did I just say that? Yes, that poor attorney!

The barefoot Taylor Denise was wrestled down by one deputy and a second comes to help with the situation. She didn't get far in the attack because of her "wardrobe."

We know where those hands have been lady, ewww. Needless to say, she had some serious mental issues and she will be kept in a cell for a long, long time.

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