An Elmhurst, Illinois person thought they were speaking with actress Salma Hayek online. PATCH

Actress Salma Hayek has made a LOT of money in her career...hundreds of millions of dollars. So why would she be reaching out to someone in Elmhurst, Illinois asking for a lone? That's a great question, because it happened and Elmhurst Police were all over it.

Login with smartphone to online bank account or personal information on internet.

A person from Elmhurst, Illinois told authorities that a person claiming to be the actress Salma Hayek, reached out to them online at the start of 2022. Salma was apparently hurting for cash, because she was asking for money. What?

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

The actress asked to Elmhurst, Illinois individual to deposit a sum of money into an unknown account for her. This all seems super legit, right? Well...

Maksym Yemelynov

The individual that "fake" Salma reached out to, did in fact do what they were asked...and deposited to money that was requested, into the unknown bank account! Oh no!

Scammers are everywhere online, finding out what your favorite color, musician, pet name, and actor/actress is...and then they attack. Find out your likes and dislikes, and use them to their advantage.

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When it comes to ANY sort of money transfer or ANY KIND, always question it. Especially a "famous" person. Would James Hetfield of Metallica reach out to you online and ask for $500? Nope. That's not happening. Would Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick text me and ask for $25? Well that's a bad example that I would put at a "maybe," but you get my drift.

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