This Wauconda, Illinois man had quite a story for officers when he was pulled over with an open can of beer...he also had one stored away, for "emergencies" PATCH

Bryan K. Bylaitis-Pruim of Wauconda, IL was pulled over shortly after midnight on Dec 31st 2022. He was ringing in the "New Year" with an open can of beer and a lot more!

Bryan was doing 78 mph in a 55 mph zone, and when he was pulled over his glossy eyes tipped off the officer at to what was up...This dude was hammered...or the officer thought so.


Bryan told officers that he was having a very rough week, and was crying a lot...that would explain the glossy eyeballs. But what about that open can of Budweiser, Bryan? The officer pointed to a beer in the backseat, to which Bryan declined. What? The officer wasn't asking if you WANTED the beer, he was asking who's it was. What the heck??

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So after refusing the officer's "offer to drink?" The next part is even better. Bryan was cuffed, arrested and the officer continued to search the vehicle. They found an unopened can of Bud in the glove box. When the officer made Bryan aware of this, he responded with "it's an emergency beer." So wait, in case of an emergency while have a can of beer in the glove box? Bryan then continued his "drinky actions" by refusing to tell the cops where his car keys were located.

Justin Sullivan
Justin Sullivan

An emergency beer. Nice work.

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Say cheese, Illinois!


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