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Another day, another piece of drama added to the "Green Bay Packers vs Aaron Rodgers" story. This thing obviously isn't going to end well, and Rodgers is super ticked...still.

From BleacherReport Bob McGinn of "The Athletic" is reporting that the Green Bay Packers offered to make Aaron Rodgers the highest paid QB, ever...Like ever, ever. Back in 2018, Aaron signed a 4 year, 134 million dollar deal. He's 5th currently on NFL QB pay scale ($33.5 million a year). The new offer would put him over Patrick Mahomes who is making $45 per year...and #12's response was that his issue with the team has "little or nothing to do with money." So Aaron Rodgers has officially turned down the Green Bay Packers offer.

There has also been a report of a "leaked" conversation...by the way, you know Rodgers and his agent are doing all these leaks on purpose, right? O.K., so he reportedly stated that it's him or the GM Brian Gutekunst. Meaning he would consider coming back to the Green Bay Packers if the GM was fired, ouch.

Let's use this moment to talk about my favorite Aaron Rodgers moment, as a Chicago Bears fan...Sure he beat the Bears in this one, but after taking a nasty hit #12 was feeling NO PAIN in the 2nd half. How "no pain" was he, listen to his speech during the post game interview and look at that pain med smile...let's hear it for modern medicine!

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