This summer returning to Chicago is the Naked Bike Ride.


Just about every person, place, and thing have some sort of tradition. Families, friends, teams, cities, states, countries, and more follow a custom. It could be something simple or complicated. It is also normal to strange.

For example, the Turkey Testicle Festival in Byron is not your standard tradition. The 4th of July Fireworks in downtown Rockford is what I would consider normal.

Growing up my family had several. One of my favorites as a kid was going to a farm and cutting down our own Christmas tree.

Missing Out

Over the last year and then some, we have all missed out on many of our own traditions and events. It was difficult to not experience those fun moments.

My daughter graduated from high school last year but the ceremony was canceled along with Prom and other senior traditions.

Coming Back

For several events, it has already been announced that they will return in some capacity. It gives us all something to look forward to. I am hoping by the start of summer things will be almost completely back to normal.

Unique Event

Of course, as a big city, Chicago hosts many unique events. Some that will actually surprise you. One of them will have you asking yourself if it is even legal.

I am talking about the annual Naked Bike Ride. Yes, it is a real thing. Here is what it is all about.

According to,

"The bare-as-you-dare event (full-frontal nudity is illegal in Chicago) seeks to raise awareness of the world's dependence on oil while promoting an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation. Details of the gathering and ride are typically released in the week before the event takes place, but cyclists can expect to congregate between 6 and 8 pm before pedaling through the city on a 14-mile, four-hour ride."

Coming Back This Year

"Traditionally, the clothing-optional ride takes place in June, but this year's festivities are being pushed back to August when more Chicagoans will hopefully be fully vaccinated and events like street and music festivals are set to resume."

Red Flags

Every year when information about this event comes up, it definitely raises some red flags in my world. First, I am not a naked type of person. I have never been naked in public and I do not ever plan to be. It just seems very uncomfortable mentally and physically.

Also, I have not ridden a bike since I got my driver's license when I was sixteen. The thing I remember is how painful it was to be on a bicycle for a significant amount of time with clothes on. I can not imagine how much worse it could be while being naked. I will not ever bring up the bicycle seat.

I will take a hard pass on participating in this weird summer tradition.

Heads Up

There is a second reason I am sharing this information. If you are not going to be a part of the Naked Bike Ride, then you might want to avoid Chicago on that weekend. Unless you want to witness it in person.

A couple of years ago, my friend and his wife went into the city for a weekend getaway. The hotel they were staying at was hosting a "Furry" convention for people that like to dress up in animal costumes. It was very awkward for them. They would have appreciated a heads up from the hotel, so they could have found another option.

If you are interested, get all the details, HERE.

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