People often think of military members and first responders as life's true heroes, and they totally are, but I definitely think teachers should be added to that top-of-mind list too.

Teachers shape lives. Teachers deal with some really tough situations daily and still manage to smile. Teachers give so much of themselves to their students. Simply put, teachers make a difference, and this week's Hometown Hero, Anne Corbit of Broadhead, Wisconsin is a perfect example of that.

Provided Photo
Provided Photo

This week's Hometown Hero story makes me smile for a couple of very big reasons. First, it was written by a grateful student, and secondly, this teacher really goes above and beyond for each student who enters her classes, and we need WAY more teachers like this in the World.

Here is the letter we received from Sawyer Phillips;

I believe that Mrs. Corbit should get this award because, she is a great science teacher, and a great computer teacher. Whenever I seem down, she will always try her best to bring me back up to myself again, not only does she do this to me, she does this to all her students. Also, whenever I or any other student has friend problems, she will give us advice and try to help us through it. Mrs. Corbit is also a very fun teacher, in computers, we would always do competitions on typing, and the winner would get a piece of candy. In computer class she lets us learn how to create our own business, and building on google sketch-up. In science, she is very fun as well. Every day she always has a fun activity planned based on the lesson or topic that we are learning about, and or a science lab. Not only is Mrs. Corbit fun, she is also very funny. Mrs. Corbit can always make me laugh, she always compares science stuff to her real life and kids. With all of this being said, I believe that Mrs. C orbit should be nominated to get this award.

As a small thank you to Mrs. Corbit for all she does in and out of the classroom, we are giving her a $100 Amazon gift card thanks to Gustafson's Furniture & Mattress and officially naming her this week's Hometown Hero. Mrs. Corbit, we sure hope you use the gift card on something that will make your summer break even more relaxing, you totally deserve it!

Do you have an awesome teacher you would like to honor? It's not too late to nominate them as a Hometown Hero, here.

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