Fare Thee Well, A Tribute To The Grateful Dead - General Atmosphere
Daniel Boczarski, Getty Images

Deadheads, bring your kids to this incredible Grateful Dead inspired park that has just opened in Chicago!

Down the street from my house I have a park. It's less than a two minute walk away. I never realized how lucky I was to have such a beautiful park so close to my home until my husband became pregnant.

I can't wait to bring baby girl there for the first time, watch how smiley she will get when she plays on the swings for the first time and how I better be emotionally ready when she falls and gets her first boo-boo.

I look forward to sharing many memories with her and my husband there.

My husband is a HUGE Grateful Dead fan and I know that this new park in Chicago's Douglas Park will be right up his alley. This will absolutely be something we will have to venture to with our daughter.

Sunshine Daydream Playground is a new park filled with musical elements for kids. According to LiveForLiveMusic.com, the park features a xylophone, an upright bass, drums, keyboard bridge and an interactive fountain with dancing bears and more!

How amazing it that!

To learn more about how the park came about, visit LiveForLiveMusic.com.



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