We're very lucky to have so many great parks to take our little ones to play at.

Now that the weather is finally getting warmer we'll be able to start visiting them again.

After one woman took her family to the Red Oak Playground at Rock Cut State Park, she made a terrible discovery.

That playground is in desperate need of a makeover!

Even though there are two playgrounds at Rock Cut State Park, Red Oak, and Puri Crest. Red Oak is the one that needs the most help as it is currently closed.

Located near Pierce Lake, the playground at Red Oak is surrounded by a beautiful view that is perfect for a picnic or to rent for a family gathering.

Erin Strum is the one who's put this fundraiser together after seeing just how bad the playground has gotten.

The playground equipment itself is nearly 20 years old and in awful conditions. Not only is it damaged beyond the point of repair, but it's also very unsafe.

Strum has said that there are chains hanging where swings used to be, sharp plastic edges sticking out, and rusted metal platforms with holes. To name some of the playgrounds issues.

This has been an ongoing problem for the last three years at least.

The only way this playground will be fixed/replaced is with help from the community.

The GoFundMe page has pictures of what the park could look like if the goal is met.

If you're interested in helping with making this positive change for the community please click here.

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