An organization started by Grateful Dead founder, Bob Weir, has started to make medical masks out of tour shirts from canceled concerts.

I've said it a bunch of times in the last few months. One good thing that has come from this pandemic is it has brought out the creativity in people. It's been amazing to watch.

Here's the next incredible example.

With the concert touring industry on hold, there are many moving parts stuck in place too. Of course, all the bands that had 2020 shows booked, also, ordered merchandise to go along with it. They have boxes of t-shirts with dates on the back representing shows that never happened. What do they do with them now? They can't sell them. It would be wasteful for them to end up in the trash.

Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead along with some other musicians, has figured out a plan. They started an organization called Music4Masks.  According to their website, here's their mission. For more info, HERE.

"Music4Masks is a movement of musicians and music fans to repurpose unsold tour merchandise into masks to donate to communities in need during the coronavirus outbreak."

If you are in a band, organization, festival, or event that got canceled, they will also accept a donation of your bulk unused shirts.

Their website also included a tutorial video on how to make your own masks out of old shirts you don't wear anymore.

It just proves the good rises during difficult situations.

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