Where's a good place to be hanging out in Rockford when you find you got fired?

The NFL off season is in full swing. Teams are starting to make plans. Who are they going to draft? What free agents are they going to sign?

Not all the news is good for players, especially for teams that aren't good and have salary cap problems. Veteran players know it's the nature of the business. In situations like that, they will be cut and end up on a different team.

Sometimes the players are taken off guard like in the situation of former New York Jet, Nick Mangold. He was informed that he was being cut while he was on vacation with his family at Disney World.

Seems pretty harsh, but at least he's at the happiest place on the planet to cushion the blow of his new unemployed status.

That got me thinking. Where would be a good place to be hanging out in Rockford to find out you got fired?

Here's a list of the best places to be in Rockford, when you find out you got fired.

1. Any place that serves alcohol - That way you can immediately drown your sorrows. Maybe somewhere in downtown Rockford? That way you can walk easily from bar to bar. Then at the end of the night you can catch a RMTD bus for a ride home.

2. Don Carter Lanes - Nothing will make you feel better than whipping a ball as hard as you can down the alley at a bunch of pins over and over.

3. Rockford Speedway - Get behind the wheel of a race car and just go. Imagine how good it would feel to participate in the Trailer Race of Destruction.

4. JMK Nippon - Tell them it's your birthday. They will sing their special song to you and it will lift your spirits. A Mai Tai or two also might help.

5. Magic Waters - The lazy river will carry you away from all your problems. If you need to get out some frustrations, try taking on the surf at the wave pool.

6. Dairyhaus - I know not technically in Rockford. It's in Rockton. Their ice cream is a little slice of heaven. There's no chance to be in a bad mood.

7. Driving Range at Aldeen - Same theory as the bowling alley. Hitting those golf balls with a club will definitely make you feel better. You don't have to worry about being good at it either.

8. Wylde Side Paintball or Laser Quest - You can't go wrong shooting at people legally without seriously hurting someone.

9. Spa Day - Hit a spa in Rockford and pamper yourself. Make sure it's a legal one. Last thing you want is that kind of trouble. Especially, when you don't have a job.

10. Disney on Ice - If you can't actually go to the happiest place on the planet, a little piece of it wouldn't hurt.

Hopefully you won't have to have to go through that, but it's always good to be prepared.

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