The city of Rockford is investigating ways to get businesses to consider redeveloping the former State Street Station location.

When a long-time business in a community closes down, usually many people are disappointed. I don't think that was the case when State Street Station shut its doors a few years ago. There was probably more happy Rockfordians than sad.

The big question is "what now?" The former "adult entertainment" club has been sitting vacant ever since. It would seem like a good location in a high traffic area.

Unfortunately, the sins of the past are affecting the future. The old owners were fined by the city for violations. Those fees were never paid, so at this point, anyone who takes possession of the area is responsible for the payments.

That has discouraged new people from taking it over. Instead of letting it sit empty, the city council is discussing some possible changes.

According to,

“Rockford City Council introduced a fine reduction request. The move makes it more attractive to potential buyers. They have some plan on what to do with the property but if they have to pay the fine as well as purchase the property and develop it, it can be prohibitive for them financially to do so."

Apparently, there's an offer on the table if this type of change could be made. That would be good news for the neighborhood. They are definitely looking for something "family-friendly" to move in.

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