If you're considering more education, Cannabis College is now an option.

I can picture the scene from a movie. A couple of stoners sitting on a couch in a college dorm room smoking pot. The topic of conversation is wishing they could major in weed. It's pretty funny to think about.

There's no way you could study marijuana in school or could you?

Yes, now you can.

According to geek.com,

"Cannabis class is in session. As the marijuana industry continues to grow, a new school in Houston, Texas, is hoping to attract students eager to learn about cannabis. The Houston Academy of Cannabis Science is opening this weekend, and it will offer academic courses, such as Medical Cannabis for Medical Professionals."

The school is the first of its kind. Students will learn the history, how it's grown, used, and distributed. These classes will open new opportunities.

Legal marijuana is a $10.4 billion industry which employs over 250,000 people.

The cost of the 5-week courses is $420.

Now, that's a degree to hang on the wall.

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