Growing up in Freeport I always thought the city hall building was so cool.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

I must have driven by, walked by, rode my bike by Freeport City Hall 5000 times.This is a very large and proud structure that adds so much character to downtown Freeport.

The deadline apparently is April of 2018, no buyer and this epic structure will meet its demise. So this got me thinking if I had the green to purchase the city hall building what would I do with it.

Here are Five Things I Would do With the old Freeport City Hall Building if I had the Money to buy it:

Studio Apartments - How many fantastic studio apartments could you fit in this huge building? Add a pool, an exercise room, the possibilities are endless.

The Rave/Eagles Ballroom South - One of my favorite concert venues is and an hour north of here in Milwaukee. The Rave/Eagles Ballroom is a multi-level concert hall that sounds incredible. Would Freeport support that, not a chance...but it would be fun.

The Downtown Mall - Years ago The Freeport Lincoln Mall was a thriving, amazing place. Big box stores, mom, and pops, from clothing to electronics to candy. This is an honest "I believe this would work" idea. Could you image that building filled with local businesses?

Indoor Waterpark - Wave pool, waterslides, lazy river.

Bakery and brewery - Let's go old school and take Freeprot to it's roots. Craft beer is all the rage, and a bakery along side takes us back to where it all began. The Freeport Pretzels or The Freeport Brewers.


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