UPDATE: The owners confirmed the brewery will close at the end of the Month.


Grab your growlers because one of your favorite craft brews destinations might be going out of business.

There's a little buzz swirling around Carlyle Brewing Co. and it's not good. Carlyle is Rockford's original brewery and a great place to grab a beer. Many, including myself, pop by for their vanilla cream ale. But will it soon become a part of Rockford's history?

An interesting question about Carlyle Brewing Co. popped up on Reddit. The answer seems to repeat itself.

Carlyle Brewing Company closing?

Redditor, u/TacodWheel says they heard from a friend Carlyle will be closing shop once their beer runs out.

I haven't seen anything official but I've have friends tell me that Carlyle has stopped brewing and may shut down operations once they run out of beer.

Another Redditor jumped in, adding a server confirmed the longtime downtown Rockford destination will cease operation.

One of the servers mentioned the owners are done.

As of this article, it appears to be hearsay,

I did reach out to the creators of that magical vanilla cream ale to confirm but the question remains unanswered, though both messages I sent were read but whoever handles Carlyle's Facebook account.

If, in fact, this is true, it will be a sad day for Rockford, downtown, and craft beer connoisseurs. As indicated above, Carlyle Brewing Co closing is officially unconfirmed. For all we know, there could be a new owner lurking in the shadows until it is time to take the reigns of the brewery.

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