Rockford native Fred VanVleet got a taste of the "LeBron Rules" last night.

LeBron James -- Shoulder Pads
Getty Images

Former Auburn Knight now Toronto Raptor Fred VanVleet, is in the NBA Playoffs. Fred is such a good dude, an incredible athlete, and now officially on the receiving end of getting "LeBron'd".

Everyone knows that NBA is a "star-driven" league, and LeBron James is THE star. So when it is playoff time, you can see occasions where the "stars" get some special treatment. I mean, you're not going to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers with no LeBron James.

Last night there was a tie-up under the basket between LeBron and Fred VanVleet. LeBron swung an elbow, and gave a little shove...AND Fred gets a technical foul. Fred got "LeBron'd", thank you NBA.

A big thanks to Darnel Royal of Rockford for the play-by-play of the action. Darnel nails it with his commentary, what do you think of this call?


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