The son of former Chicago Bear Devin Hester is a "chip off the old block."

Bears Fan For Life

I was born a fan of the Chicago Bears. I would call my family "super fans." We have owned season tickets since 1982. I even went to games before that. In fact, I have gone to see the Bears play live in person many times. If I am not at the game, then I am definitely watching it on TV.

Growing up my family's basement was known in the neighborhood as the "Bears Den." It was completely decorated in Chicago gear. Plus, our closets were filled with team merchandise. It was a serious obsession.

I continued as an adult with my home and family.

The Legend

Through the years, I enjoyed several different players. Of course,  many from the defense. They were always so good.

My favorite player of all time is Walter Payton. In my opinion, he was the best ever. Walter was so fun to watch. On every play, there was a chance Payton could do something special, so I really paid attention whenever he was on the field.

When it comes to exciting Chicago Bears players, there is really only one other player that could match Payton's magic on the field. That was Devin Hester.

Anytime Hester was in the game, he had a chance to score. His kick and punt returns were amazing.

Check out his highlight reel.

Video: Devin Hester "You Are Ridiculous" Highlights | NFL Legends

He was a game-changer. I believe he deserves to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I think eventually he will.

Chip Off The Old Block

In the history of professional sports, there have been many players that had children make it to the big leagues too.

Sometimes, they are actually better. There have been flops which I think comes from too much pressure to live up to. Others have pretty similar careers. Regardless, it is a very cool thing.

Well, Devin Hester's son at a young age, already looks like he could be something special too.

Take a look at his game film.

Video: DEVIN HESTER’s SON!!! Drayton Hester

That was pretty darn impressive. If he keeps that up, he might be better than his dad.

According to,

"As Chicago Bears fans know, Devin Hester was pretty good at football. Well, lucky for football fans in 2032, Devin Hester’s son Drayton Hester had a “highlight” tape from 2019 resurface, and it has been getting some attention online."

It will be interesting to see how this will play out.

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