According to, the late Charles Manson had a son who was from Rockford. Matthew Roberts, believes that the late serial killer and cult leader is his biological father. Roberts 48, was adopted and raised here in Rockford. He was able to track down his birth mother in 2001 and she was the one to tell him that Manson was his 'real father'.

If that wasn't enough to take in, she went on to say that he was conceived during a drug-fueled orgy in 1968 where Manson had raped her.  Roberts claims that she later recanted that allegation.  A year later Manson and his 'Family' went on to murder nine people in Los Angeles.

Roberts is a musician living in Los Angeles. He also describes himself as a pacifist vegetarian, extremely non-violent, peaceful person. Also saying that finding out Charles Manson was his birth father was shocking and life-changing.

"I didn't want to believe it, I was frightened and angry. It's like finding out that Hitler is your father."

Roberts says that the two have never met, but have communicated through phone calls and letters. Stating that he received several rambling handwritten letters and postcards. Some signed with a swastika, a symbol Mason had tattooed on his forehead. And now with Manson's passing earlier this week, a meeting between the two is no longer a possibility.

The article doesn't say whether or not any DNA testing was done to prove Manson was, in fact, his biological father. But if you look at pictures, see below, they look an awful lot alike.

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