This summer in Rockford, there is a free junior football league.

Love For Football

Growing up I tried many different kinds of activities. Things like baseball, swimming, soccer, and basketball to just name a few. None of them really clicked with me.

In fifth grade, I talked my parents into letting me play football. I loved watching it on TV and going to games. I played in the neighborhood with my friends all of the time. It just made sense for me to join.

I played all the way through high school. I even contemplated continuing in college but decided against it. I had a blast every season.

The sport did a lot for me and it really helped me grow up. I believe I became a better person because of playing football.

I would recommend anyone to at least try it.

Playing Football In Rockford

I know football is a very popular sport in Rockford and many kids like to play. Unfortunately, it can get a little expensive to participate. It has been a hard year financially so not everyone can afford it.

Well, I have great news. This summer in Rockford, there is a youth program that is free to join.

From the E-Rab Fan Facebook Page...

2021 Booker Jr. E-Rabs Football
2021 Booker Jr. E-Rabs Football
Booker Jr. E-Rabs Football 2021
Booker Jr. E-Rabs Football 2021

This is such a cool opportunity for the children in our community, I hope a lot of them take advantage of this program.

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